A reader recently emailed the following scenario to me about calling warm leads after a conference: 

“Since it’s been awhile since I’ve made the phone calls after a warm lead, here’s what I’m thinking of saying. Would critique this for me? 

  1. (Wait until 4 days after the conference for them to catch up and then call with…)
  2. Good Morning!  (Identify myself.)  Did I catch you at an okay time? (YES_NO) 
  3. Great! Well, that was a wonderful conference, wasn’t it? 
  4. Did you receive the free activities I emailed you the day after the conference? GREAT! 
  5. Well, I see on the card you filled out that you’re interested in getting some training and I’m just delighted that you have a desire to share this powerful material with students like I do.
  6. What kind of training are you thinking of, me coming there or your  people coming here for the 3-day training? 

And then let it go from there.”

The Sales Hunter’s response: 
I’d suggest shortening the text and making it more interactive.  The concern is if you ask them right up front if it’s a good time to talk and they say “no,” then you don’t have anywhere to go.  A couple of options:

  1. Identify yourself
  2. I’m calling people to ask them a quick question.  What was the highlight of the program for you?  
  3. People are always saying how much they got from the program.  Who are some other groups you can think of that would benefit from this same information?
  4. What are one of the issues you think I could help them with?
  5. From this point on, ask them whatever you want, but I would suggest a person’s contact information.  If the person you’re talking to is really pumped about you, then ask them if they would be willing to contact the other person introducing you; or minimally, allow you to be able to use their name as a reference when you call.

The biggest thing of all with whatever you say it’s important you feel comfortable with it.  If you’re hesitant at all, it will come through in your voice.  With that said, take a few minutes practice it and make sure what you say fits your personality.

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