A reader recently wrote:  “What is the best approach to communicate with a customer who talks like he wants to impress someone with his use of big words and jargon?  Half the time, I’m not sure what he just said to me.”

The Sales Hunter’s response:  I’m sorry you have to deal with a customer like this, but, unfortunately, they’re out there and they love to travel in packs…  There’s not a whole lot you can with these folks but stroke their ego, and boy do they have one!  It doesn’t make any sense to try and reciprocate the use of big words as it will only serve to feed their ego even more.  The best thing I suggest is that you take your time reading what they’re saying to ensure you have a handle before crafting your response.  These people are too stupid to realize that all they’re doing is slowing down the level of service they’re expecting.

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