“How can I create a sense of urgency and need for my product?”

Your best way to create a sense of need is by tying the element of time to it. You can do this in a couple of ways. First, offer an incentive to buy now. Don’t lower your price, but offer an additional something if they chose to buy now. Second, create a sense of lost benefit if the person does not buy now from you. Ask them what they expect to get from buying from you so they will begin to acknowledge the pain they have. When they do, you can then begin to draw it out more by asking them more questions about it. The whole idea is to allow them to see how their pain will go away and they will be much better off if they buy from you now. Build on this further by helping them realize that if they don’t buy from you now, their own personal cost will be higher since they’ll have to live with the pain for even longer.

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