There are ways to strengthen your relationship with your customers and prospects that may not have occurred to you.

You don’t want to miss these.

One way to gain credibility is to start viewing yourself as your customer’s research and development department. Be a resource for information that will equip them to not only make decisions, but to also make them quicker.

Becoming a valuable resource of information for your customers will boost your sales motivation and maximize your profits. You will be the vendor or salesperson who stands out from the rest.

When your customers and potential customers have a need or want that you can meet, you want them to think first of you, right?

Becoming your customer’s R and D department is one little known way to get tight with your customers.

Want to know more about this?  Take a look at this short video on the Sales Hunter You Tube Channel where I explain it more in-depth.

You are Your Customer’s Research and Development Department.

Here’s to great selling!

Copyright 2011, Mark Hunter “The Sales Hunter.” Sales Motivation Blog.

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