Guest post Monday brings us Denai Vaughn, The Networking QueenTM, talking about taking an honest look at yourself and your sales skills — in ways you may have never imagined. You may be surprised at what her ideas do for your sales motivation and your success.

My prospect will become my client…just as soon as I get this in their hands.

See it. Touch it. Feel it. Smell it. Taste it.

They will use every sense, including common sense, and they will know and believe what I have for them is THE solution they have been praying for!

And with that thought, you see your name in the company newsletter: “Top Salesperson for July 2011, {insert my name here}!” Your pic goes up on the wall. Your coworkers clap. The guy in the cubicle next to you snarls. You are giving your boss a high-five as you walk down the hall to your desk.

And then you wake up!

If you think about all of the excuses you have heard, or even given, as to why a potential buyer didn’t buy, then you can relate to the above dream. You have probably had it…or seen the same commercial I have where this happened. Yes, that salesman must have been pretty slick.

Just as there are 1001 excuses a prospect does not buy, there are also 1001 reasons they should buy what you have to offer.

“People buy from those they know, like and trust.”

Does that mean buying isn’t about seeing, touching, feeling, smelling and/or tasting a product first? Could there be an alternative, a different solution, a means to an end that saves you time, energy, resources and even funds?

Here are two “challenge your thinking” ideas that will have the potential to elevate your closing ratios if implemented:

1) Why do channels like QVC and HSN exist?

They are home shopping channels where millions — even billions — of dollars and just as many products, as well as services, are sold daily (that cancels out the idea of requiring all 5 senses in order to sell something). At first, don’t you think viewers wondered if this was all just a trick…? Could shopping be so simple and easy?

A consumer sits in her comfy chair, watching TV, as a man talks about a product in the most romantic way. You are almost in a trance, just like the snake charmer with his flute.  As you watch and wait with anticipation, on the edge of your seat, phone (or pen and paper) in hand. “What number do I dial!?!”

Before you realize it, you haven’t ordered one, but TWO. Well, if it is two for the price of one, why not get the bargain. You are overly excited! Before long, you have told your friends, neighbor, family, and coworkers all about this “thing” you saw on TV. You have tweeted about it, shared the link on Facebook, and written a blog boasting of all the great things it will do for you once the product finally arrives…in 4-6 weeks.

Are your customers reacting this way about the product or service you sold them?

Do they hang-up with you and tweet about your great customer service or the amazing product they just ordered?

Are they tagging you on Facebook to be sure their network sees your name and connects with you, too?

Have they blogged about you or your product yet?

How do you know?

Are you watching…listening…waiting…reading? What steps are you taking to ensure their enthusiasm becomes contagious?

Is your goal to no longer be “hunting” but to become “the hunted”?

Then watch and learn!

TIP: Schedule a night this week (or weekend) to stay up late and watch at least two hours of those ridiculous infomercials. You will get more than a good laugh, you will learn a number of invaluable tips and ideas to implement into your “Sales Toolkit.”  See if the show uses Twitter. Open your laptop and follow the thread on Facebook and Twitter, or just “Bing It” to see what the latest trends are.


a) What you wear matters.

b) First impressions make a difference (see my First Impressions video – YouTube.com/DenaiVaughn)

c) Shake it, don’t break it.

d) It isn’t “talk to the hand,” but “take my hand.”

e) You have a problem? I have the ONLY solution you need.

f) Thou shalt have no other cleaning products but mine.

g) You are not alone.

After watching two hours of infomercials to learn their strategies, techniques, and “hook,” come back to these rules. You will find that implementing them will keep you out of detention! And afterwards, you will further understand the implied meaning with each of these seven rules.

Let’s take it one step further…


Have you videotaped your sales presentation?

Has someone accompanied you on sales calls to videotape your interaction with clients and prospects? 
(Be sure to explain what you are doing. Most will be thrilled to know you care that much and truly desire to improve that you would go to such lengths….and they may start doing it, too.)

Have you recorded yourself on the phone making sales calls?

To go the extra mile, record your self conversations in-between each meeting, phone call, etc.

As you laugh, think about it.

Didn’t we just discuss infomercials where people were…on camera. Maybe it is advantageous for you to consider how this will benefit you — after you stop laughing, cringing, or running to the bathroom to get sick because you have stage fright. (No one has to watch the video unless you tell them about it, and eventually, you should.)

I recall a training event I attended over 10 years ago when Mark Hunter and I first met. They required us to videotape our presentations. Back then we didn’t have FLIPs or Bloggies or even web cams. It was the big camera on the tripod with the VHS tape…are you visualizing this yet? It was nerve-wrecking! I am having flashbacks as I write this and laughing about it.

What I committed to doing then catapulted me to the other side of a few barriers that would have inhibited me from the success I embrace today. This past year I landed one of six roles in a reality TV show.

I was in the studio on camera and recording myself with a hand-held camera multiple times a day. Thank goodness for “baptism by fire” so long ago and the confidence I gained from that experience. Others seeing me in action, watching myself on tape, sharing a video on YouTube for the world to watch is no longer a fear or phobia or stressor. In the beginning, I had to have everything perfect, but I found in doing so I wasn’t my authentic self. I moved past that and now, as you will see in the First Impressions video, I take it to the extremes!

How will it feel for you when you have no reservations about who you are and what you are capable of — and embrace the opportunity to learn and grow from what the camera captures?

How will your ability to market and sell, to promote and provide expand as you better understand who you are and what you are all about?

Viewing yourself through the eyes of the lens allows you to see how others see you…and can revolutionize your sales tactics!

If you desire to “up your game” then grab your camera. The FLIP camera comes in a variety now with one model under $100 at Best Buy, Amazon.com or any of a number of other retailers. I also like the Sony Bloggie, which is what we used for the TV show. My next purchase will be of a handheld with a port for an external mic…but that discussion you can call me to have.

Don’t forget to grab a colleague (or a tripod) and then, get to taping!

Who knows? Your video might become your company’s next commercial on NBC, QVC…or at least YouTube.

And one last thing, you may record the video in private, but you need to watch it in public.

Track your closing ratios to see how they change as you begin this experiment (or challenge, if you prefer). Before you go too far in tapings, don’t forget to setup a YouTube channel.

Your clients will love it. Your prospects will be intrigued by it. Your boss may just promote you once you have 50,000 hits resulting in an abundance of online orders.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please ensure you comply with your company’s guidelines for branding and marketing. Having researched this topic extensively for my new book, Brand Integrity, I can attest to the fact that too few companies are teaching and talking about the integrity of their brand to their employees and staff. With the explosion of Social Media sites, it is a must!

You can follow my journey and read snippets from the book at bi7book.com as it will hit the shelves of Amazon in August. Rest assured, “The Sales Hunter” will be able to tell you all about it. He’s included in the book!

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