Sometimes the answers are so obvious, we miss them!

A few steps in the right direction can have a profound effect on your sales motivation.

Here are 9 steps you can take to super-charge your success:

1. Set a goal each day you know you can achieve. Don’t make it ridiculously simple, but do make it do-able. This will build your confidence and strengthen your sales motivation.

2. Hang out only with positive folks and steer clear of the negative people (and negative news!) If you like to watch the news, do it later in the evening and not at the beginning of the day.  Also, be sure to end on a positive note, so read or watch something positive after you have watched the news.

3.  Have a plan. Have a sales process and plan for each day and discipline yourself to stick with it.  Make adjustments when needed, but for the  most part, figure out what works and stay committed.

4. Always ask yourself at the end of EACH day, “What did I learn today and how will I use it tomorrow?”

5. Always work on asking your customers better questions. Do not simply rely on “standard” questions.  Write out the questions that will get your customers sharing specifically about their needs and desires.

6. If you get into a jam and are having a bad day, pick up the phone and call your favorite customer. They will boost your sales motivation.

7. Think long-term. Short-term setbacks will defeat anyone. DO NOT let these derail you. Keep your eye on the long-term prize and don’t get hung up on the one day or one week when you weren’t at the top of your game.

8. Look to other people for ideas and inspiration. I have a friend who lost an arm in a farming accident and suffers from a number of other issues, but he is the most upbeat guy I know. If I ever get down, I just think of him and how he would handle the situation.

9. Be confident. YOU are your best asset. YOU are making a difference when you believe in what you sell and when you do so with enthusiasm.

Sales motivation can be a fickle creature.  But the more attention you pay to it and feed it, it will become your best sustainer no matter what your day holds.  Be intentional in taking care of your sales motivation.

Copyright 2011, Mark Hunter “The Sales Hunter.” Sales Motivation Blog.

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