What would it look like for you to be in the top 1%?

Hey, you at least want to be in the top 10%, right? Otherwise, why are you in sales? Because GREAT salespeople don’t settle for average

In my book, A Mind for Sales, in the final chapter, I list 18 traits that the top 1% of salespeople do. Today I’m sharing 8 of those with you. I invite you to get the book to read all eighteen. 

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1. Top salespeople protect their time and the time of others. 

They know that the most valuable resource they have is their time, and they don’t allow it to be wasted. And they don’t allow themselves to waste other people’s time, either. 

This is why they’re able to get meetings with people that other salespeople can’t, because those customers know that they’re going to respect their time, and not belabor the issue. 

These individuals are disciplined and know how to use their time.


2. Top salespeople know that each day it’s their job to influence and impact people. 

Top salespeople don’t treat customers as if they were bowling pins, where your objective is just to knock them down, take their money and run. 

When their objective is to influence and impact people, it’s amazing what can happen next. 

That’s really at the core, because what does influence and impact do? It creates a sustainable business model.

3. Top salespeople know the importance of prospecting. 

I run into too many salespeople who are good at closing deals that are literally just given to them. Excuse me, but that’s basically customer service. 

Top sales people know the value of prospecting and they’re prospecting daily.

4. Top salespeople never end the day without knowing what they’re going to do the next day

This allows them to wake up and attack the day–not have the day attack them. How? 

They’ve laid out and they’ve strategized how they’re going to maximize each opportunity in the day. 

Top salespeople are using their time and their mind incredibly efficiently.

5. Top salespeople never stop learning. 

I have a tremendous number of top 1% salespeople I coach and connect with on a regular basis. They follow my YouTube channel, they read my blog and so forth. Why? Because they know they have to be continually learning

The number of top salespeople whom I’ve had a chance to hear from, and have read my book, A Mind for Sales is mind blowing. They say, “Mark, I read the book and wow, it was amazing how much it talked to me.” 

Even though they’re top performers, they never stop learning.

6. Top salespeople own the process. 

They don’t make excuses. Average salespeople are very quick to blame pandemic, marketing, inflation, bad territory or whatever it might be. 

Top salespeople own the process. They know it’s under their control and it’s their duty to leverage it. 

When you don’t spend time making excuses, you have more time to really spend on creating solutions. Are you making excuses or are you creating solutions?

7. Top salespeople know it’s the questions they ask. 

Average salespeople are very quick to develop a pitch or a demo. Top salespeople are so confident that they know it already. They understand that the best presentation ever made is the presentation never given, because they can just walk in, and have a conversation

Through the questions they ask, things happen. That’s absolutely gold.

8. Top salespeople live each day to make the most of it. 

 They see each day as an opportunity that they want to maximize. They live each day to make the most of it.

Did you catch something about these eight characteristics that I shared? How will you measure up and maximize these traits?

When you have a mind for sales, it is amazing what’s possible, and what you will achieve. 

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