secrets to selling moreDo you know there are 6 things top-performing salespeople do to sell more in less time?

The beautiful thing is anyone can do them. You don’t need special skills, but rather  the discipline to make it happen.

Here’s the list:

Secret #1: Never end today until tomorrow is planned.

Don’t allow yourself to start the day still trying to figure out who you need to call and what you need to do.

If you do wait until the morning, you’ll waste valuable time that could have been spent selling.   Key is before the current day ends, always layout the next day specifically with who  you’re going to call and what you are going to do.

Secret #2: Don’t sell to non-motivated buyers.

This sounds basic, but far too much time is spent dealing with customers who have little intention to buy.  With each call you make on a prospect, you must find a reason to call on the person again. If not, move them to your marketing list.

Secret #3: “5 After 5” / Optimizing Mondays and Fridays.

Just because it’s Friday afternoon, don’t think there aren’t sales to be made. Same can be said for Mondays.

Regardless of what you might think, there are always opportunities to be selling, and that is why top performers love to do “5 after 5.”   This means making 5 more sales calls after 5 PM.

Secret #4: Close on every sale call.

There is no such thing as a “fact-finding” call or an “introductory” call.   Every call deserves to be a “closing” call.

Great salespeople never miss the opportunity to close on every sale, if for no other reason than to gain agreement about a reason to move forward.

Secret #5: Listen more and talk less.

Selling faster does not mean talking faster. In fact, it usually means just the opposite. It means talking less to allow the customer to talk more.

There’s no way we will ever know what the customer is looking for unless they’re given the opportunity to talk.  The key is to make sure when you are talking you’re not preaching, but rather asking great questions.

Secret #6: Believing in themselves and what they sell.

How can we ever expect a customer to believe what we’re saying if we don’t believe in ourselves?

What this means with regard to selling faster is simple: It means great salespeople don’t experience slumps and periods of low productivity; rather, they’re always game on making it happen.  They believe in themselves and their product/service and their price.

There you have it:  6 Secrets to Sell More in Less Time. You’re right — the list is not rocket science. It is made up of 6 things anyone can do.

Now ask yourself, “What’s holding me back from speeding up my sales?”

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