Here are 5 things you can do write now to improve your prospecting emails:

1. Think newspaper headline, not a letter.

3d button email Internet pushBig mistake salespeople make is they use the first paragraph to introduce themselves and their company to the prospect.

This is a huge waste! Any prospect viewing this will delete it in a split second.

2. Write the email to be viewed on a smart phone.

Most likely you’re writing the email on a desktop or laptop computer, and you feel it looks good. It probably does — on a big screen.

Problem is your prospect may very well view it on a smartphone walking to a meeting. If the 150 characters or so they see on their phone doesn’t grab their attention, they will delete it.

3. No attachments. No graphics.

Regardless of how neat your company logo is, do not include it or any other attachments.   Keeping the email in plain text form reduces the chances of it getting hung up and not formatting properly when viewed.

4. Keep it brief — only 4- 6 sentences.

Doctoral theses do not make great prospecting emails. Your objective is to engage quickly.

Best way to do this is by writing 2 sentences per paragraph and not more than 3 paragraphs. Doing so keeps it clean and easy to read.

5. Include information the prospect will value.

It’s not about you. Prospecting emails have a high probability of being ignored anyway, so your best shot at breaking through is by making sure what you’re saying is of value to the prospect.

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