It’s summer and schedules are going crazy.

Between vacations, holidays and changes in the school year, it seems like trying to stay connected with people can be harder than ever.

Challenge is you don’t want the network of people you try to stay in contact with to grow even more distant.

Here are 5 quick things you can do:

1. Email people an insightful link to a news story you run across.

Sites where I regularly check for helpful links include CNBC.com , Bloomberg.com , Forbes.com , WSJ.com and Reuters.com.

2. Send an email or write a post for your website with the list of books you’re reading this summer.

Here is the link to my list: Best Sales Books for Your Summer Reading List

3. Schedule time to meet for coffee or lunch.

Yes, it might be impossible to find a date, but don’t let that stop you from trying.   The gesture alone of trying to connect says you value the relationship.

4. Use email to connect together people who you think should get to know each other.

Again, just because it’s summer shouldn’t stop people from meeting other people.  They may even live in separate cities, but if you think they could form a beneficial relationship, introduce them via email.

5. When you hear somebody is going to be on vacation, reach out to them afterward and ask them how their vacation was.

Show interest in what they did and allow the value of your network to grow in personal ways, not just professional ways.   One of the easiest ways to know when people are on vacation is by the auto response you may get back from them regarding an email you sent or a message left on their voice mail.

There they are — 5 easy ways to stay connected via email with your network this summer.

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