Improve your negotiating skills immediately by doing the following:

Close Your Sale by Giving the Customer 3 Options

Many times customers only want to negotiate out of a desire to feel in control and to feel they are able to get something extra from the salesperson.

A quick way around this is by offering them 3 options when you close the sale.  Doing so allows the customer to feel they’re in charge, and the nice thing is you make the sale without even having to negotiate.

Use Time in Place of Money

Time is more valuable than money, so it only makes sense to use it.  Easiest way is to tie what you’re selling to the pain/gain/outcome the customer is desiring.

A delay in the order due to having to negotiate will only delay the customer from receiving the benefit they want.

Use Email as a Tool to Gain Insight

Email the customer apart from the negotiation process to gain insights and information they might not be so readily to offer up to you during a negotiation.

Many times customers will provide information in written form they would never actually say.  Email can be a great tool to help verify and provide you with the information you need.

Negotiate the Value of the Outcome

The price the customer might be negotiating can easily get out of control when it’s compared to the value of the outcome the customer is looking for.

The more you keep them focused on the value of the outcome, the less consumed they will be with trying to minimize what they are willing to pay.

Have a Walk-Away Card

Before you start any negotiation, always know at what point you will simply walk away.  Know before you begin what things are not negotiable.   Knowing these before you begin will keep you from negotiating what could end up being a bad deal for you.

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