Do you have prospects or are they merely suspects?

sas-web-banner-250bToo many salespeople have pipelines full of suspects who they believe are prospects.

The problem is the suspect doesn’t identify themselves as a suspect. Nope!  They walk, talk and act like a prospect, right up to the point of you trying to close the sale.

A challenge we all have in sales is in knowing who we should be connecting with.

There’s nothing worse than spending huge sums of time with a prospect, only to then have them refuse to buy when you try to close the sale.

There are 5 things every salesperson must be able to answer about every prospect to ensure the person with whom they are interacting is truly worth their time.

Here’s the list:

1. Have they shared proprietary information with you?

2. Have they shared with you at least one critical need you can help them with?

3. Do you know what their timeline is for making a decision?

4. Do you know their value of money?

5. Are you sure you’re dealing with the decision maker?

By making these 5 items part of your prospecting validation process, you will find yourself closing more sales faster and at a higher profit.

The reason you’ll be able to do all of this is because you will now be spending more time with fewer prospects, but they will be the RIGHT prospects.

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