There is only one thing we can’t make more of and that’s time. The new year is already here–what do we want to make of it?

I choose to look at 2022 as the year of unlimited opportunity, and I see that not only for myself, but for you too.   Regardless of where we’re at today, it’s how we choose to use our time moving forward that matters.

It’s time to make some decisions. What choices can I make for this to be the best year ever?


1. Saying “No”

I can’t do everything.  “No” is going to play a much bigger role in my life this year. Some of the most important things this year will be those I choose not to do. I’m saying “no” to many more things than ever, and it feels good.  By saying “no” to things, I’m able to open up time to say “yes” to the more important things.  

That way, I can focus on being productive, not busy.   

What am I saying “no” to?  I must accept the fact that completing a task to 95% is sometimes good enough, because the time spent to get things to perfection and 100% is simply not worth it.  I’m saying “no” to the shiny objects and the feel good ideas that either pop into my head, or people throw in front of me.  “No,” is all about giving me more time.

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2. Having a short list of goals

Gone is the era of having a dozen goals that only serve to stress me out. Consequently, this causes me to not accomplish any of them well at all!  In their place are three goals, and that’s it.  

Three goals I review each day; three goals I assess at the end of each week to ensure I’ve made significant progress on.  My short list of goals consume my mind to keep me focused so I don’t get caught up doing things I shouldn’t be doing.

Read more about Why Setting and Achieving Goals Is Hard.

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3. Following the 8 AM rule

I talk about the 10 a.m. rule, and the need to accomplish something significant each morning before 10 a.m.  I’m putting it on steroids and I’m upgrading to the 8 a.m. rule.  

Each morning I intend to accomplish something significant before 8 a.m. and this will in turn motivate me to make the rest of the day even more productive.

4. Prioritizing time with myself

The most important meetings of the day are the meetings I have with myself.  No, I’m not being arrogant, I’m being real and accepting the fact that I need time each day to think. Thinking allows me to stay focused and productive.  If I can’t have time alone with myself each day, then something is wrong.  

The most powerful tool I have is not my computer, or the systems I access each day, it’s my mind. I intend to give it time each day to do what it does best.

5. Being choosy 

I will not allow my time to be consumed by people who do not leave me in a positive state.  I’m a strong believer in surrounding myself with people who will challenge my thinking, hold me accountable, share ideas, and help me grow.  

One of the ways I do this is with my mastermind group–I interact with them almost every day.  For me, my mastermind group is my secret weapon in helping me grow.  I’ve been part of one for years and I can’t say enough about the benefits.

If you’re not part of a mastermind group, let’s talk. I’m setting up a new mastermind right now and am inviting in a select group of people.  If you’re interested, reach out to my email: mark@thesaleshunter.com  I’m only going to allow in a finite number and it’s important to also get the right mix of people.



If you’re looking for a mindset reset this year, I invite you to read my newest book, A Mind for Sales.

It doesn’t matter if you ended last year totally bummed or on cloud nine. This book will guide you toward sales success starting with your mind and your daily habits.

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If you do these five things listed above you will set yourself up for an amazing 2022.  Regardless of how things went for you last year, we can’t forget the scoreboard for 2022 reads “zero.”  We’re starting over.  


Copyright 2021, Mark Hunter “The Sales Hunter” Sales Motivation Blog.  Mark Hunter is the author of A Mind for Sales and High-Profit Prospecting: Powerful Strategies to Find the Best Leads and Drive Breakthrough Sales Results.


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