profitThe year is half over and the race is on.

Regardless of whether you’re on track, ahead of pace or behind where you need to be, these 4 things will work for you:

1. Call every one of your customers past and present and ask them why they like working with you.

Objective is to engage them as to what it is you and your company do best.  You’ll be amazed at what you hear, and as the customer shares, you’ll be amazed at how often they then realize they need to do more business with you.

Before ending the phone call, ask them for the names of other people who they feel would benefit from you and what you offer.

2. Increase the number of warm/cool calls you’re making each week.

Depending on the length of your purchase cycle, it can be essential to get new prospects into your pipeline now if you expect to close them before the end of the year.

Come November and December and you’re chasing your year-end number, you’ll be glad you have so many prospects.

3. Don’t think about discounting your price.

If you’re even thinking a price discount is what it is going to take to help you make your annual numbers, think again!  Don’t let discounting to creep into your thinking as a possible solution.

If you do, you’ll be offering discounts that will only result in having to close more sales to make your number, because you’ll be making less profit on each sale.

4. Simplify your offer to allow you to close sales faster.

Your objective is to get the order at full price. This does not mean get the largest order your company has ever had.  Sure, we all land the truly big sale now and then, but sometimes if we are too busy chasing the big sale, we overlook the ability to grab close-in sales.

Once you land the customer, you can then come back and start the process of selling more.

There’s the list!  Four things you can do now to help build sales in the 2nd half of the year to finish the year where you need to be.

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