What’s the best way to execute your annual plan?

What can I do on a regular basis to move myself forward? 

The following three habits are going to apply to anybody and everybody. Let’s delve into how to execute your plan in a way that you can increase your chances of success.

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1. Review your goals.

Too many people build their annual plan and put it in a drawer and never look at it again. I want you to be reviewing your goals not just on a monthly basis, or a weekly basis, but on a daily basis

You can’t put them in a drawer, in a folder, or out on the cloud and forget about them.

If you’ve been around me a long time, you know that I talk about simplification of your goals. I have four goals, that’s it. Two primary goals and two secondary goals. And the secondary goals actually support the primary goals. 

Now, I have a lot of other things I’m working on, but these are the goals. I look at these two goals every day. Over time, the more I focus on the goals, the more success I have.

You have to ask yourself at the beginning of the day:

“What am I gonna do today to move myself forward?
Is my day set up to help move me closer to achieving these two goals?”

Then, at the end of the day, you need to ask yourself:

“Did I do what I said I was gonna do to help myself?” 

These evaluations at the beginning and end of the day help me stay laser focused on a daily basis. 

2. Have a mastermind group. 

You’ve heard the phrase, “You become the sum of the five people you associate with the most.” I didn’t come up with that line, Jim Rohn did. You have to be part of a dedicated, motivating group of people because you’re challenging them on their goals and they’re challenging you. Now, when I say challenging, you’re helping each other

I’m part of a mastermind group, we meet regularly, and we text daily, helping each other, and working with each other. We know what each other’s goals are, and as a result, we lift each other up. We are stronger together. 

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3. Continuous learning.

Any successful person is a continuous learner. 

I don’t care who it is. It could be Elon Musk, Jeffrey Bezos, Bill Gates, it could be anybody. They are continuously learning. Why are we not following suit?

You need to be in a framework.

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Do these three things, and you’re going to be more disciplined as an individual. I firmly believe that the reason annual plans are achieved, or not achieved, really comes down to the level of discipline and focus that we have. 

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