There are three critical assets most salespeople overlook: time, mind, and network

If you get these three things right, it’s amazing what can happen in terms of your success in sales. And really, in any area or field, both professionally and personally.

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Why is it that some people have the ability to just get more done in a day? Because these people have a seize the moment mentality. That means when they have tasks that are five minute pieces, or one hour tasks, they understand the things they need to get done today. In fact, they have an ability to compartmentalize them. 

Speaking of seize the moment, you may be between a couple of meetings and you have five minutes. That’s when they throw in one of those five minute tasks–maybe a phone call, or responding to an email. 

They also know their peak time. What’s your peak time of the day in terms of your best ability to get things done? Knowing this allows you to power up, as well as help you in powering down. 

I invite you to have a one minute rule. You see, here’s what drives me crazy. People will say, “Wow, let me just take a few minutes to get this done.” And 30 minutes later, they’re still working on it. Even 45 minutes later, they’re still working on it. What happens is we waste so much time starting and stopping an activity. 

That’s why I practice the one minute rule. Sure, I may have an interruption, but I don’t follow through with it now unless I know I can get it done in less than a minute. Otherwise, it has to wait so I don’t get distracted. 


What are the websites that you spend time on during the day? 

The reason I bring this up is because your brain remains in the moment with the website long after you’ve left it. It’s always amazing how you watch a television show or you go on a website and your brain keeps thinking about that after the fact. You see, here’s the whole thing, your brain is a library. Stuff comes in and it asks itself, where do we put this? Where do we go with this? So I need to be careful of what I’m putting into that brain.


How about, am I visual or auditory? Do you retain the spoken word or the written word better? Learn these things, and that’s what you want to maximize. 

Organizing your brain is no different than your garage or your basement. What are you keeping around that you should junk? How many times have you pulled into your garage and you see stuff and you think, “Ah, I need to do something with that, I never use it.” It’s the same thing with your mind–there’s stuff in your mind that’s just cluttering it up.

Get rid of that clutter and you’ll be more focused. 


Your mother was right when she said, “Be careful of who you hang around with at school.” It’s true, we do become the sum of the five people we associate with the most. So if your mother never told you, I sure will: be careful who you associate with.

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Your network is either an asset or a liability.  Careful, your network could be an asset, but you may have people in your network who are liabilities and you got to say, “Hey, I need to be prepared to let those people go.” 

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Check back each week, as I’m going to go deeper on time, mind, and network over the next three weeks. I’ll break down each one right here on the blog so that you can be more successful. 


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