We’re a month into 2013 and it’s not too early to be looking at where you are compared to your yearly number.

Your annual number is to be a motivator, not a “downer,” so use it as just that — a tool to keep you motivated.

Regardless of where you stand year-to-date, it is essential for you to have some successes early on in the year, even if they’re small, to give you some sales motivation.   I’m a firm believer that momentum creates momentum.

Nearly every salesperson I’ve ever talked to has been able to tell me at least one time where it seemed like once the sales started coming, they just kept on coming.

My suggestion is you look at your current number and compare it to where you should be for a month gone in the year.  If you’re there, great! Then challenge yourself to get to that annual number by the end of November.

Pushing yourself to go beyond your number does two things. First, it creates more sales, and second, it protects you should something not go the way you expect it to somewhere through the year.

If you’re not on your number, don’t panic. Relax and assess. There’s plenty of time.

What you want to do is to start looking at some things that have gone right so far.  Write them down and then do two things.  First, celebrate and congratulate yourself for what you’ve been able to accomplish.  Remember my comment about momentum creating momentum.  Many times all it takes is something small going right and then leveraging that into something bigger.

Second, ask yourself why were you successful with that and what can you learn from it and apply elsewhere.

We have 11 months left in the year. That means there is plenty of time to make things happen, but it starts by first reviewing where you’re at now and charting the appropriate course.

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