overcoming-a-sales-slumpIt’s the middle of July, and it seems as if everyone is either on vacation, about to go on vacation or just got back from vacation.

All of the talk about vacations makes it seem as if nobody is working, and as a result, it’s easy to fall into a summer sales slump.

Here are 10 ways you can stop the sales slump:

1. When you first wake up, write down 3 things you’re thankful for in the job you get to do each day.

2. Once you start working for the day, spend the first 15 minutes calling your existing customers.

Your goal is to gain from them kudos as to how thankful they are for having done business with you.

3. Thank two different people each morning for something they’ve done.

It might be the barista who made your special coffee, a clerk at a convenience store or somebody you walked into your office with.

4. Send an email or have a one-minute phone call with your “motivation buddy” each morning.

This is a person who you respect and value and they feel the same way toward you.   Send them a 2-sentence email challenging them on something they’re going to do today and asking about a recent success. In turn they send you a similar email or you can call, but key is keeping the call short. It’s a quick hit way to help motivate each other. The last thing you want is to spend 30 minutes talking life when you could be selling.

5. Always develop prospecting list the night before.

Your list should include not only the prospect’s contact information, but also what you specifically intend to say and ask. Nothing can waste more time and deflate motivation than spending all morning getting ready to prospect, but never doing it.

6. Set an easy goal you know you can achieve before lunch.

The key is to achieve it for one simple reason: Success creates success, and it’s amazing how by achieving one goal you’ll feel more challenged to do the next one.

7. Don’t let stuff linger.

This includes calls to be returned, emails to read, and anything else you need to get off your plate. We all suffer at one time or another from feeling overwhelmed with everything, and when we do, our level of motivation will simply diminish.

8. End each day celebrating on the most significant accomplishment of the day, regardless of how small or trivial it might appear to be.

You never want to end the day on a down note. Doing so just causes you to dwell on it even more throughout the evening. Your goal is to end the day excited for what you accomplished and looking forward to even more success tomorrow.

9. Close fast!

Don’t let deals linger, all in the spirit of trying to make them bigger. I’ll take the fast sale I can get now any time, as it allows me to feel pumped. I’ll then use the fast sale as a platform from which to secure and even bigger sale with that customer.

10. Anytime you encounter a rejection or a customer who simply does not respond, view it as their loss and your gain.

It’s their loss, because they won’t benefit from what you have to offer. It’s your gain, because you got a bad prospect out of the way faster, which allows you to deal with the great customers you know are waiting to hear from you.

One final note. Never forget what your role is, and that is to earn the right, privilege, honor, and respect to meet with each person again. When I approach every conversation in this manner, I have the opportunity to influence them in a positive manner. To me that is what makes sales such a great profession.

It’s all about having the passion to serve and the desire to sell.

Copyright 2016, Mark Hunter “The Sales Hunter.” Sales Motivation Blog. Mark Hunter is the author of High-Profit Selling: Win the Sale Without Compromising on Price.

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