motivationMotivated people achieve more.

Pretty simple when you think about it, and yet getting motivated and, more importantly, staying motivated can be a challenge.

Here are 10 things you can start doing now to increase your motivation:

1. Each morning have a goal you know you can accomplish early in the day.

Live each day with excitement, anticipation and expectation of great things to come, moving yourself one step closer to making your goals.

2. Start each day by telling 5 people “thank you” or doing things for others.

It might be as simple as holding a door open for another person or thanking the barista for your coffee.

3. Exercise daily and control your diet.

It’s not a game of calories burned or calories avoided. It’s about ensuring you’re taking care of your body to keep you fresh, alert and on top of your game.

4. Make it your objective each day to learn something new.

When you approach everything as an opportunity to learn, it’s amazing what will suddenly appear.

5. Spend at least 5-10 minutes each day with somebody who you see as being 100% positive.

It could be somebody you work with, a spouse, or a friend. Sure, meeting in person in best, but if that isn’t doable, then a phone call will work. Use the time to challenge each other and compliment each other, all with a heart toward helping them achieve their goals.

6. Avoid spending time with negative people or those who want to spend time gossiping about others.

This includes not listening to talk radio or any other media that is not 100% positive.

7. Start each day having a period of time in reflection or meditation, focusing on your spiritual belief.

8. At least once a day, make it your mission to assist one person less fortunate than you.

From the child you see needing help with their dog to the elderly person who could use a hand carrying a package, lending a hand will become as big of a benefit to you as it is to the person you help.

9. Regardless of how bad something might appear today, never forget tomorrow brings another opportunity for things to improve.

Challenges are merely an opportunity for you to build your perseverance and determination.

10. Always remember that a positive state of mind and outlook on life is dependent on you — not on what others want you to believe. 

The motivated person who views life optimistically will always see opportunities others don’t.





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