call the accounts receivables departmentI know this next tip may seem odd in my 10 Ways to Get Past Gatekeepers When Prospecting on the Phone.   I have found it to be effective at times, though.

Here is number 6:

Call and ask for Accounts Receivables.

Every company is eager to collect all of the money they can, and by asking for that department, you’ll get connected. When you do get connected, be upfront and state who you are trying to reach.

I value relationships made with the Accounts Receiveables team for one reason — the job of having to call and collect money all day is tough. As such they will go out of their way to support a relationship with someone with integrity.

What I find interesting is most Accounts Receiveables departments are the fastest ones to answer a phone when it rings. Sales or Customer service may think they are, but I’m always amazed at AR teams when it comes to phones.

Asking to be connected to the AR department is something few other salespeople do. This is the reason salespeople are shocked when when I share this approach.

When you talk with an AR person, let them know immediately what / who you’re looking to talk with. Don’t put up a hidden agenda. Good AR people will see through it, because that’s what they are exposed to on numerous occasions when they’re collecting funds.

Two things I’ve found to be helpful when dealing with an AR team:

First, don’t look to speak with them the last week of a quarter or the first several days of the quarter. This period of time is when AR teams are being the most aggressive in collecting funds.

Second, let them know immediately what you’re looking for and do not be alarmed if they pass you off to somebody else.   AR personnel can be incredibly focused on their tasks and be quick to get any and all obstacles out of their way quickly.

As a salesperson, there are more opportunities than you may realize to reach the person you need to reach.  Don’t rule out calling the Accounts Receivables department.




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