“My goal in sales is to help my customers see and achieve things they didn’t think were possible.”

“A sale made without integrity is not a sale.”

“My greatest assets are my time, my mind, and my network. My goal is to use each one wisely, each day.”

“My goal with each person I meet is to earn the right, privilege, honor and respect to be able to meet with that person again.”

“Each day I influence those I come in contact, and my goal is to influence them positively.”

“I never know when my greatest opportunity may come with the next phone call I make.”

“Sales leadership is not an activity; it’s a lifestyle.”

“My goal is not to get you to buy what I’m selling, but rather my goal is to get you to invest in the outcome you will receive when you buy from me.”

“I don’t have competition. I’m the only one that can be me.”

“My goal each day is to learn something new that will help me be a better person tomorrow.”

Few professions provide as much interaction with a broad array of people as the sales profession. For this reason alone, it makes the sales profession part of a very elite sector of business.

We can not take lightly our role as salespeople, for the impact we have can be huge. A comment made to one person can very well be the most powerful comment they hear all day. The ability to impact others is a gift that must be respected.

We shouldn’t look at sales as being a one-dimensional activity where our goal is to generate revenue.

Our role is to truly help others see and achieve things they didn’t think were possible. Sales is leadership and leadership is sales.





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