It’s here — summer!

And with that comes far too many excuses as to why sales just simply won’t happen.

The problem is people allow what is a perception to become a reality, thus impacting their sales motivation.

I say the summer selling slump is a figment of one’s imagination.  The weather is nice and it’s a time when many people are taking vacation or working fewer hours, and so the tendency is for you to do the same.   But you really have to ask yourself what is driving what?  I think some people say there’s a slowdown in sales as an excuse to not work as hard.

Here’s my take on this whole problem.  If my competition is buying the “summer slow down” theory, then that’s to my advantage.  While they’re breaking, I’m selling!   I’ve always believed the way to succeed is by doing the opposite of what the mainstream is doing.

Now is the time to go for it!

This summer, increase your selling efforts, have fun, reach out and work to make contact with people you didn’t think you’d be able to reach.   Develop new selling benefits you can add to your selling process.

Whatever it is you do, go out and do it!

You’ll be amazed at not only the fun you have, but also the new business opportunities that will pop up.

Remember, just as there are those who believe there is a selling slow-down in the summer and let this perception become their reality, you have the ability to do the opposite. If you perceive more sales doors opening, that perception will become your reality.

Sales momentum creates even more sales momentum, and that sales momentum creates sales!

This summer, make it your objective to develop more leads and sales during this period than you’ve had in any previous year.

By the way, if you are out there grabbing all the leads and sales, your competition will wind up having a summer slow-down — not because of perception, but because of you!

Have a great summer and most of all, great selling!

Copyright 2012, Mark Hunter “The Sales Hunter.” Sales Motivation Blog. 





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