The business environment today has never been more challenging, with countless distractions that influence your level of sales motivation.  With all of these negative distractions, your message can easily become vague and misguided.  Your message is every element of what you say, think, and do.

Success in today’s environment requires a level of focus few people have had to deal with in their sales career.   Each day, each  week, each month, make sure you’re staying focused on your objective.  Your message will only be tight when you’re focused on your objective and your objective will only be tight when you’re focused on your message.

We’re now nearly 10% of the way through 2009.  This means that in order for you to achieve your annual goals, you need to be starting to hit your stride.  Look at your day and find the distractions.  It might be the time you spend checking out websites, or watching some new video your friend sent you a link to.  It may be the time you waste on phone calls, or merely wandering aimlessly in your travels.

There’s no reason for anyone (no matter what industry or territory you’re in) to miss their goals for 2009.  It’s not going to be easy though.  If there are changes you need to make, make them now while there’s still 90% of the year left.  Keep your message tight with what you say, think, and do.

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