What’s your sales goal? No, not what number are you trying to hit, but what personally is your sales goal? A key way to keep your sales motivation up is by always keeping in mind the reason why you’re selling. Real estate agents are famous for keeping a picture of the car they’ve always wanted to buy above their visor in their current car. The idea is they’ll continuously see the car they hope to buy, and as a result they’ll stay motivated on selling. I recommend this idea to every salesperson with whom I work, no matter how seasoned they might be. Salespeople have to remain motivated. By always keeping in your eyesight and mind exactly what you’re working toward, you will be more likely to keep your sales motivation high.

It is Thanksgiving Day in the U.S. today. Salespeople everywhere have much for which to be thankful. As you chart your own course and keep focused on the privilege of helping others succeed, remember that the opportunities up ahead are unlimited. You really can keep pouring into your sales motivation, and in turn, realize not only your own sales goals, but also be a part of helping your customers achieve success as well.

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