I’m always amazed at the number of salespeople I encounter who cannot give the customer solid eye contact when they’re presenting their price.

If you can’t give your customer solid eye contact when you present your price, then you are telling your customer you don’t believe in your own price.

Smart customers and professional buyers in particular know this and are watching you when you present your price.   They also know how they can use their own eyes to get you to doubt your own price.

Professional buyers know one of the most important times for them to give you eye contact is just as you present your price.  They know by watching your eyes, they can quickly determine not only how much give there is in the price, but more importantly the speed they will be able to get it.

If the salesperson can’t give the customer eye contact when they’re presenting their own price, then it proves one thing — a discount in the price is in the making.  If the customer pushes back, the discount will more than likely come.

For some salespeople giving eye contact at this critical moment in the presentation is something that is going to take practice.

I recognize that it doesn’t always come naturally, but I will guarantee you that being able to give eye contact at this point will increase the profitability of the sales you make.

Not only will you increase your profitability by being able to sell more without a discount, you will also sell more by merely demonstrating your confidence.

The best way to practice this is by doing it in front of a mirror.  You’re right, it can sound strange, but I guarantee you it will help.

Think of it this way — if all it takes is some eye contact to increase your closing ratio, then what you waiting for?

Copyright 2012, Mark Hunter “The Sales Hunter.” Sales Motivation Blog.




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