Now is the time to get the strategies that will really equip you to not only make your annual number, but surpass it!

I am partnering with 5 other sales leaders for a free webinar this Thursday, August 13. It will be full of practical insights that you can start using immediately.

Sponsored by TellWise, this webinar will include myself, as well as John Spence, Jeb Blount, Anthony Iannarino, Mike Weinberg and Miles Austin.

Go ahead and find out more at this link.  If you can’t make it, no worries! Sign up anyway and we will send you a replay of the webinar after the event.

How to Rock Your Back Half Number
Thursday, August 13
11 AM (Eastern)

Check out what we will be covering:

  • The Five Fastest Ways to Develop New Business NOW by Mike Weinberg. Mike gets you and your team moving in the right direction with real strategies that will put sales on the board today.
  • Change Your Mindset – Change Your Game by Jeb Blount. Jeb gives you the 7 Mindsets that will get you and your team amped up and focused on rocking your back half number.
  • Pipeline Velocity by Anthony Iannarino. Stalled pipes are maddening. Iannarino shows you exactly what to do to remove friction and keep your pipeline producing.
  • Close Deals Fast with Referrals by John Spence. John shows you how to leverage referrals to get deals closed faster when you are in a crunch for numbers.
  • Ace Your Competition with Better Connections by Miles Austin. Miles gives you the tools to identify and engage with key Influencers in your accounts. Learn how to leverage these connections to ace your competitors.
  • Wake Unresponsive Prospects by me. I will give you an actionable framework for dealing with awesome prospects that have suddenly gone dark.
  • Pipeline empty? Scared you might miss your number? Sweating the back half? Stop worrying and start closing. Get your entire team together for this no fluff, no BS, live streaming event. Six of the world’s most trusted sales and leadership experts will give you the techniques and secrets you need to rock your back half number.
  • Sponsored by Tellwise: Tellwise is sales communication at a whole new level. It’s a unique, engaging and data-driven experience that draws in your prospects like never before. (Get FREE access to Tellwise + Free Sales Training when you register)

Sign up today for the free webinar so you can rock your back half number:

How to Rock Your Back Half Number
Thursday, August 13
11 AM (Eastern)

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