If you want a successful sales meeting, it has to include recognition of performance.  

Recognizing performance is the #2 secret on my 10 Secrets to a Successful Sales Meeting. (If you missed the #1 secret, it’s here.)

Salespeople love recognition, so you need to have a process in place that people can look forward to as being their time to shine.

You should never have a sales meeting without publicly recognizing salespeople for their performance.

Even if you send out emails with sales numbers or use any number of other communication tools between meetings, you still should take the time to recognize people anytime the sales force is together.  This would include in person or via conference calls or internet web meetings.

Have a regular approach to recognition such as last week’s volumes, new accounts opened or other key measurements you use that would allow you to praise people who achieve exceptional results.

When you’re recognizing your own sales team, also take the time to call out and praise others in the company for their contribution, even if the people may not be present at the meeting.

By recognizing others in the company, you’re helping to create a team environment, which your sales team will see.  As they see you complimenting and thanking others, they too will begin to do the same. Obviously, this will increase the respect and support the sales organization receives from others in the company.

As part of the recognition process, ask those you recognize to share how they achieved the results.  This simple action allows them to feel good, and it also serves as a great way for ideas to be shared amongst the team.

As simple as this step is, it is overlooked by the vast majority of sales managers, which is too bad because it can serve as a huge catalyst for the sharing of ideas that ultimately make the company as a whole better.

If your sales team works in the same building, create a small trophy the top performing person can have by their work station for the week.  Make the trophy a “traveling” trophy where the person who received it at the last meeting brings it to the current meeting and then presents it to the next recipient.  Again, this is very simple, and over time it can create a huge amount of fun for the team as they each try to earn the award.

The best award are those that are the most unique.  Some of the most creative ones I’ve seen include a small stuffed pig, an ugly broken bowling trophy, or a busted clock.   Idea is to have a process that becomes part of the sale culture that not only is fun, but also genuinely draws attention to good performance.

Recognition is a must in a sales meeting — and will go a long way to increase overall sales motivation on your team.

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