sales-motivationIt’s easy to look at the calendar and think you’re going to have a big week.

We all want to believe each week is going to be huge.

Problem is situations arise and what looked good on one day suddenly doesn’t look as good the next day.

A great strategy to help you jump start your sales motivation every Monday is by doing what I call the “push concept.”

In simplest terms, be ready to ask each customer you meet this week one question that is going to push them to reveal something you didn’t know already.

Your objective is to be ready for the curve ball even before it gets thrown at you.  

Too many times salespeople find themselves in the middle of a sales call stumbling with what to say next, and as a result the sales call is not nearly as productive as it should be.

The reason I like this as a Monday sales motivation technique is because it helps to sharpen your thinking before heading into battle for the week.

When you are ready, it’s amazing what can happen.  I’ve used this approach for years and it helps to motivate me and get me pumped to meet with the customer.

Outcome of using this approach is you’ll gain more insights from customers and you’ll ultimately wind up closing more sales, because you’re ready. You’re not getting caught with a blank look on your face.

To make this approach really work, record each of the “push concept” questions you ask and the customer’s response.  Keeping a record will provide you with knowledge as to what questions work best in different situations.

Bigger yet is by keeping a list of the questions and the responses, you’ll have a neat tool you can reference any time you need a little motivation.

Copyright 2013, Mark Hunter “The Sales Hunter.” Sales Motivation Blog.

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