We’ve all been told that selling product features is not the way to sell, but even knowing that, it seems it still is what happens, not only by salespeople, but also by marketing.

Case in point: I recently was prompted to change a password for some software I have.

Needless to say, it was a pain and the last thing I wanted to do.   Problem was there was nothing I could do but change the password if I wanted to use the software.

After changing the password, I went into the company’s website to see what it said about having to change the password every 90 days.

I was shocked at how they highlighted the fact you have to change the password every 90 days as a “feature.”  They were unbelieveably proud of the “feature” and they felt every customer would agree with them.  Sorry, but I don’t! In fact, I hate it!

Looking at this site got me thinking about product features and benefits.   The software company that goes by the name of “Microsoft” (oops, I just said who it was) seems to know better than me what I want and need.

Excuse me, but doesn’t the customer know better?

Features don’t sell and they especially don’t sell when it’s not what the customer wants.   Customers buy benefits. They want solutions, yet too many salespeople and marketing departments seem to think that what one person wants is what everyone wants.

Benefits are specific to the customer.   Got that?  Features are specific to all.

Are you selling features and trying to disguise them as benefits?  Microsoft (oops, I said their name again) is. They even said it on the webpage for the software I had purchased.

A benefit is not a benefit until the customer you dealing with says so.  If the customer doesn’t say it’s a benefit to them, then it’s not a benefit.  Quit disguising features as benefits. Simply put, customers don’t want them!

And if you’re wondering… I am looking for software to replace what I’m currently using.

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