Sometimes one of the best ways you can boost your sales motivation is to look at something differently.

Today, I want you to tap into the perspective of a kid! Kids make GREAT salespeople. Here’s why:

They don’t take “no” for an answer. To a child, a “no” is only a temporary objection that in their mind they will overcome.

The tactics they use are varied, but we can sum them up as three: persistence, building the need, and changing buyers.


This is the easy one!  Children seem to have an endless amount of persistence.  They will continue to make sales calls on you — the parent — for as long as it takes to make the sale.

Building the Need:

Kids are great at coming with numerous reasons (real and fictional) as to why they need you, the parent, to say “yes.”

Changing Buyers:

If one parent won’t say yes, then for many kids, the best option is to simply go to a different parent (the buyer!)

And to think, kids are amateurs!  They don’t have the prestige of a fancy title, they haven’t had the privilege of attending sales seminars, and finally they haven’t had the opportunity to participate in a sales contest.


But wow, can kids sell!

Maybe we as salespeople need to be schooled by our kids and use the same strategies while we are selling as they’ve used on us at home.

Now I’m not saying to pester buyers. What I am saying is that maybe we need to take on a little more of the same innocence and determination our kids use when they’re selling us.

I wonder how much more successful we would all be if we approached each day with the same level of determination our kids take when they want something.  Your sales motivation is worth this kind of perspective!

Copyright 2011, Mark Hunter “The Sales Hunter.” Sales Motivation Blog.

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