sales prospecting quotesToo many times we overthink what would be a really good question to ask when oftentimes the best questions to ask are the simplest ones.

Think about these questions, Why? How Come? Can you explain more? Each one is simple and yet designed to do one thing get the customer to share more information.mplist ones.

Salespeople think for some stupid reason they have to show off their brilliance by asking complicated questions.

In reality, the only thing that happens is it winds up confusing the customer, and the salesperson winds up looking stupid.

Simplify things for your customer by showing you care. Listen to what they have to say.

By doing this, you will wind up with better information. The goal of asking the customer questions is to get them to share with you information, and that is done by asking open-ended simple questions.

When I share this technique with salespeople, some come back at me and claim they’re stupid questions because anyone could ask them. That’s the whole point. Anyone could ask them, but few do.

Therefore, be part of the few and ask questions like that and you’ll be amazed at what the customer shares with you.

Key to asking these simple questions is to ask them immediately after the customer has shared with you something, because it then allows them to expand on what it is they shared with you. What I’ve found is most times it’s the second time they explain something that we wind up with the really good information that reveals their deeper need or pain.

Try using simple questions like this for a week and then ask yourself what kind of responses you got.

Rarely do I ever have a salesperson say the questions didn’t work. Typically their feedback to me is that they wish they had been asking questions like this long ago.

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