I will be the first to admit I’m not that smart.

Sure there are people who like to flatter me by saying I’m smart, but let’s cut to the chase — I’m not the brightest light bulb and I’m also one who is always looking for the short cut.

But — and there is a big but that comes into play — I think I am quite smart simply because I am willing to admit I’m not smart and I’m lazy.

Am I getting cocky or arrogant?

I hope not, but why I say my dumbness makes me smart is I’m willing to seek out knowledge from others wherever I can.  To me it’s the easiest way to learn, thanks to what others have already learned.

Case in point is with the Internet.

It’s amazing what we can learn and learn quickly thanks to sites like YouTube, Linkedin and others.  I see this as the great equalizer, as it allows those of us lacking in knowledge to be able to compete with the smart kids.

What is it you need to know?

How are you going about gathering the information you need?

Cheat and cheat fast by learning what others have already taken the time to learn.

As I write this, I admit I’m actually feeling smarter, because I’m telling you and everyone else reading this about my brilliant breakthrough.  Don’t pop my bubble and tell me you already knew accessing the Internet to gain insights is a great way to learn.

I know you knew that already, but what I’m saying is we need to do it far more frequently than we currently do.

If we’re not taking advantage of the web to learn new things on a daily basis, then we’re not taking advantage of the smart people out there.

Being stupid and lazy are no longer the liabilities they used to be.

I’m thankful I’m both, and I’m thankful I’m willing to learn from everyone else out there.

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