emailEvery day I receive at least one email from some salesperson with some “major breakthrough” that is going to change my life, my business, or both.

The emails contain nothing but a list of product features and general garbage.

Here is just one example of what I received recently:

“Our markets are promising. Sales, including upstream and downstream sales, can be easily generated based on our extensive leading edge products and expertise. Our three innovative IT systems will facilitate your sales during the whole process.”

Wow, doesn’t that make you want to buy it?

Let’s get real. This is garbage, and what makes this one even worse is the person is trying to get me to buy some sort of sales prospecting software.   I crack up over this, because clearly this person hasn’t even used their own software to determine who to prospect.

If that isn’t bad enough, the salesperson thinks for some reason I will buy based solely on some stupid copy.

I could share with you a host of other copy this person sent me, but it’s all the same.  It’s about product features and does zero in attempting to connect with me, the customer.

The salesperson who sent this email undoubtedly sent out hundreds of these emails to any number of people.  After sending out the emails, the person probably congratulated themselves for doing such a great job of prospecting and how they will be closing sales quickly as a result.

Let’s just say it right now — stupid!  That’s what the salesperson is by thinking this strategy is going to work.

This is worse than direct mail!

If you’re going to prospect, do it with a plan that starts with identifying the prospect you want to go after.  Second step is allow the customer’s confidence in you to build while you uncover their needs.

Follow these two steps and you’ll have far more success than the pseudo salesperson who believes in pushing out hundreds of wasted emails each day.

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