You might be a little confused by the question.

It’s easy to think sales motivators are things, but I prefer to think of them as people.

Sales motivators can come in many forms, but some of the best motivators are those people with whom we come in contact either intentionally or unintentionally.

What I would encourage each salesperson do is to create a peer network of one to three other high-performing salespeople who you can share ideas with and more importantly help to motivate.

Having a couple of other salespeople allows you to have professional experts in whom you can confide and share issues you might be facing.

The ability to have someone like this allows you to be able to receive expert advice quickly and, more importantly, in a non-threatening environment.

Another key thing about a peer group is it gives you people with whom you can celebrate success.  Success breeds success.

The more success a person is exposed to, the more success they too will enjoy.  By having a network of successful peers almost guarantees you’ll be more successful.

Your challenge is in finding salespeople who can be your sales motivators.

Don’t ask someone just because you like them or because you see them on a regular basis.  Treat the process with caution. Select others who you’ve seen are optimistic people in both good times and bad.  Select others who are professional and have demonstrated a level of success equal to or greater than the success you have had.   Finally, select others who also have a desire to grow professionally and are passionate about being willing to work together with you and the others.

Over the years, I’ve witnessed numerous situations where a salesperson who has had the benefit of a peer network be able to achieve amazing results and just as important be able to work through difficult situations in a positive manner.

Have I sold you on the concept of having sales motivators?

I hope so. It’s your career!

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