Here are what I see as the top 5 sales motivation tips you can do to motivate you and your team.

To give equal time to the naysayers, I’m also including what I see are the 5 worst things you can do that destroy your sales motivation.

Top 5 sales motivational tips:

1. Positive praise.

Nothing has more of an impact on somebody’s performance than praising them for the things they’ve done.

2. Compliment publicly.

Letting others know about something positive that another person has done will drive everyone to a higher level of performance. Key is it has to be a genuine compliment so peers don’t see it as picking a “class favorite.”

3. Set small personal weekly goals you can accomplish.

Momentum builds momentum. Setting smaller personal goals you can accomplish helps you feel better and will in turn help you achieve even bigger results

4. Celebrate your success each day.

At the end of each day, look back and congratulate yourself for the most significant thing you accomplished that day.  It doesn’t matter how small it may have been. Never end the day without feeling good about it.  Doing so will help you begin the next day in a much better frame of mind.

5. Remove the negative voices.

Don’t allow negative voices, whether they be from an unhappy employee or from talk radio, to impact your day. Avoid them completely if possible, and if you are exposed to them, immediately seek out someone positive to move you back to a positive outlook.

Top 5 Sales Motivational Mistakes:

1. Trying to eat the elephant in one bite.

Don’t think you can tackle the biggest goal or sale quickly. It will only set you up for failure.

2. Dwelling on what didn’t work.

The sooner you forget about what didn’t work, the sooner you can focus on what will work.

3. Calling your mother when you have a bad sales call.

Too many salespeople when they come out of a bad sales call will call their spouse or mother as a way of gaining sympathy. Don’t do it. When you do this, they will only validate your beliefs.  Instead, when you have a call that goes bad, pick up the phone and call one of your favorite customers and let them pick you up.

4. Trying to sell to people who can’t buy.

It might make you feel good right now, but in the end it will only serve to suck the energy out of you.

5. Not having a plan.

Thinking you can either “wing it” or somehow figure things out as you go day in and day out is not wise.  Doing so will only allow you to waste a tremendous amount of time. Sure, you may have the feeling you’re busy, but you won’t accomplish anything.

What would you add to either list?  Please comment.

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