Since our first day in sales, we have been taught to have as many leads as possible. We’ve also been told when you think you have enough, keep going and get more. It’s like saying your goal is to eat as much food as possible and don’t stop eating regardless of how full you are. Both of these activities are stupid. I’ll assume that you can handle the eating one on your own, so let’s deal with the lead issue.

Which is Better the Big Sales Pipeline or the Narrow Sales Pipeline?



The answer is not more leads, but better leads. You want fewer leads that you can spend more time with. Your most valuable asset if your time, and you can’t afford to waste spending all of it doing nothing but managing a list of names that have zero value to you.

Ask yourself who your ideal customer is. Then, look at your current customers and identify what their good traits are. Your objective is to develop an ideal customer profile. If you sell into several industries, you may need to make an ideal profile for each industry. The end goal is to create a target that you put all of your leads up against.

You’ll stay focused by creating your perfect customer profile, and it’ll keep you from getting caught up chasing every lead. If keep your eyes on the ideal customer, you will become much more direct with your questions and the process to help you determine if the lead is worth your time. Your objective is to qualify fast to allow you more time with fewer prospects. Spending more time with fewer prospects will allow you to understand their needs better and faster. As a result, you’ll be able to create more value for your customer and do so in a shorter period of time.

Success is not found in the leads you get but rather, in the sales you create, and it begins by knowing who your best customer is.

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