It’s time to reflect on what people see versus what they feel. This is another Mornings with Mark. Over the last week, I’ve been in about seven different states. Yes, I have made some trips. As I write this, I am in the airport in Grand Rapids, Michigan heading back to Omaha. It’s interesting seeing people’s different perceptions of the pandemic and what’s going on right now.

It’s fine. I have no issues with it. I just continually see that people want to respond. As I meet with people, I don’t know where they’re coming from. I don’t know their perspective of the pandemic. I’ve learned we all must lean in with a sensitive ear -that’s all it takes. You have to stop talking and just listen. Hear what they are saying and do not pass judgement.

As I think about the importance of doing this right now, I can’t help but reflect on a few teachers I had in middle school. They were teachers that really made an impact in my life, and for one very simple reason: they did not pass judgment. You know, students are capable of doing really stupid things. I was one of those kids, yet I never felt judged. Rather, they accepted those of us that did foolish things.

Those lessons have really made an impact on me and my life. I still find myself judging people, but then I think how much better I would be if I just listened without passing judgement. Take time and listen to where people are coming from. Each time someone shares with you about how they’ve been handling themselves through the pandemic and the whole situation, you begin to see a glimpse of their frame of reference. You begin to understand where they’re coming from. You begin to understand where they’re at and even why.

Even a simple thing that I just did – wiping my nose. I want you to know that that was very intentionally done on this video, because I know some people will call me out about it. Now, I just sanitized my hands. It’s not uncommon for even little things to create judgements. We have to be very careful that we don’t allow little judgements to cause us to read into bigger things too much and pass judgement there too. Be careful you don’t jump to conclusions after one little judgement that you begin to block out everything else someone says to you.

So here’s the lesson for the day: do not pass judgment. Don’t jump to conclusions. Just be open and receptive. You know what? In the end of this, I think we’ll all hear better. We will listen more closely. I’m thankful for those middle school teachers that taught me a lifelong lesson. I just wish I could apply it a little bit more.

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