Have seen the commercials for a credit card with Jennifer Garner asking multiple times, “What’s in your wallet?” I don’t know about you, but each time I see one of those I can’t help but change the question to, “What’s in your prospecting plan?” Hopefully, you’re avoiding answering that question. The fact is most salespeople’s answer is, “not nearly enough.”

A few months back, I put a video together on this subject. I suggest you take 5 minutes and watch it now. Below is a summary of the key points.


I get asked this question a lot: what’s in your prospecting plan? Here are several steps you can do right now:

-Know who your perfect client is. Take some time to write out about your perfect client, so you can focus your efforts on reaching these types of prospects.

-Create a list of the outcomes you can create. I’m not talking about features or benefits. I’m referring to how you can help the customer with the product or service you sell.

-Build a list of 10 questions that enables you to engage the prospect encouraging them to tell you their critical need(s). You won’t ask all 10 questions. The point is to have enough questions to build your confidence. You may only ask one or two, but having plenty prepares you for whatever comes your way. Keep the questions relatable to your customer to create confidence.

-Create a list of value-added statements / insights you can share with prospects during the prospecting phase. This will prepare you to stay engaged with the customer. These statements give you something to message the prospect multiple times, each time delivering a different message.

-Block the necessary time on your calendar to prospect knowing it may take up to 10 – 15 contacts using a variety of means to get them to acknowledge you. Don’t think for a second that you don’t have time! This task is just as important as eating or using the restroom. Schedule it, and stick to it! With each block of prospecting time, always have a goal. At first, keep the goal easy, remembering that you want to succeed. Second, always evaluate what you learn and how it will help you improve. Your goal is to continually improve, and it’s your attitude that will make or break your success. This is far more important than anything else. It’s amazing how having the right attitude will change dramatically whether you prospect or simply blow it off. Never give up! Be persistent! When you believe you can make a difference in others, it is your responsibility to reach out and connect. They may not expect it and most likely, will not think they need it; but because you know you can help them, you will continue to be persistent in making contact. The biggest issue salespeople have is giving up too soon!

These steps I laid out are designed to help you do one thing – make it happen. Prospecting is where sales begins. When you prospect, it’s amazing what can and will happen.

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