One trait of being a sales leader — or for that matter a leader in anything — is to always be open to learning something new.

Great leaders don’t just learn new things occasionally  Rather, they learn new things each day.

When I talk with people, I will often ask them what they’ve learned, and what I’ve found is low level performers are quick to proclaim very little.

High performers are quick to not only say that they have learned something new, but also specifically what it is!   Before you think that I’m asking this question only after I’ve done training, think again!

I ask this question daily in just normal conversations with people.

Leaders are always open to new things. They accept the fact they don’t know everything, and better yet, they’re confident knowing they don’t know everything.

“Managers” and weaker business people lack this confidence. They try to convey the image they know everything already.

Not only are leaders open and eager to learn new things, but they do so in every situation they find themselves.  Again, this is a big difference in why there are great leaders and average managers.

Great leaders view everything they do, see or read each day as an opportunity to learn something new.  

What makes all of this so powerful is what the great leader does with what they learn.

They look for ways to begin applying what they learned.  They don’t waste time — to them, time is a tool to be leveraged.

Each day I ask myself two questions and I will challenge you to do the same.  The two questions are:

What did I learn today?

How will I use it tomorrow?

Think for a moment about the power of asking yourself those two questions each day.

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