successA pretty simple question, but stop and ask yourself what your biggest sales success story is and I bet you will have to stop and think.

I love asking salespeople this question, and I’m amazed at how few times people can quickly call out what their biggest success has been.

Reason I like asking people this question is because I think knowing your success stories will help keep you motivated when things aren’t going the way you want them to.

Take a few minutes and think back over your entire sales career regardless of how long or short it might be.  Think of what those successes are.

As you recall them, start writing them down. It’s important to record them.  Write down the details, the things you had to overcome, how you felt during the process, and of course what the results were.

Writing down your success stories in detail will give you some of the best motivational content a person could ask for.  It’s awesome because it’s yours!  It’s what you’ve done before which means you can do it again.

Once you’ve written down all of your success stories, keep them handy not only on your computer but also print out a couple of copies and keep them handy near your desk or in your car.

Place a couple of them inside a folder or whatever you take into a sales call.   No, you’re not going to show them to a customer, what you’re going to do is use them as reminders of what you’ve been able to accomplish in the past.

Beauty of having this information is when you’re faced with a tough phone call or a meeting that is not going the way you want or expect, you can glance at your success stories as a way to motivate you.

In the end, you are responsible for your own success and your own motivation.

The best way to ensure success is by leveraging your own success to achieve more.

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