Lately in the news, all the talk has been about the U.S. Government’s urgency to not default on its loans.

The politicians are burning the midnight oil to supposedly save us from impending economic doom (which many analysts forecast could happen in early August if our lawmakers don’t at least temporarily figure out a way to navigate this national debt crisis).

Regardless of what is on the immediate and long-term horizon, I think all of us in the sales industry would be wise to learn from economic slumps. They are there to teach us something.

Your sales motivation can benefit from economic downturns, even those that seem particularly devastating.

To hear more on this, check out this video on The Sales Hunter You Tube Channel.

No matter what happens in Washington, D.C., the truth remains that you ultimately are responsible for your sales motivation.

What are you going to do with the lessons you learn each time the economy plummets — and each time it soars?

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