The best sales are the ones where the need to negotiate never enters into the conversation. The reason negotiation is not a central part of closing the sale is because both parties trust each other. Sales is about investing in others to know where they are coming from. This creates mutual trust. I share this thought in my new book, A Mind For Sales:

The level of trust between both parties will determine the level of negotiation needed to make the sale.

Here’s a quick video on why I wrote this new book and gave it the title, A Mind For Sales:

Stop and think about that quote for a moment. Scroll up, and re-read it if you need to. What does trust look like to you? How important is it that you trust the person you’re selling to and vice versa? Trust from both parties should be of utmost importance, because deep confidence in each other is the starting point in a relationship. And a relationship is what closes the sale; it’s just the beginning. Another quote from, A Mind For Sales, released just a few days ago says this:

Create high trust and you’ll create deep conversations. You will find that trust is contagious.

When I say contagious, I mean contagious with others you do not even know. Our reputation precedes us, especially in this hyperactive social media–driven world. You may think you do not know the prospect you are talking to, but do not think for a moment they do not know you. If your skill is taking advantage of others, it will not take long for others to learn that about you. Something that I say often, also a quote in my book A Mind For Sales is:

Prospect with integrity and trust, and you will attract customers who have integrity and trust.

 There is a direct correlation between companies and salespeople who have low-quality customers. You get the customers that you deserve. Let’s be honest, we are all attracted to those who are like us. I am a strong believer that this bleeds over to the time spent in the negotiation phase of the sales process. The lower the level of trust between two parties, the longer the negotiations will be. 

In my new book, A Mind For Sales, I share more about the idea of selling first and negotiating second, and how trust plays a huge role in that. I am thrilled to announce that this new release has already hit Amazon’s best-seller list. This accomplishment could not have been possible without all of you and your support, so thank you!

If you haven’t purchased your copy, do so now. You can find it in eTextbook, audiobook, and hardcover on Amazon as well as other major retailers. Click here to order. Once you get a copy, make sure to go to the A Mind For Sales Website for additional resources custom-made just for you.  

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