Does prospecting with integrity even matter?  I contend it does, and I believe prospecting with integrity is not something that is even an option, but it is mandatory considering the chaos going on around us.

Prospecting with integrity is not something you talk about. It’s something you do, and it’s something others see in you.  They see it not just because of what you do, but also because of what you do not do.

Check this 34-second video out where I talk passionately about this issue:

A salesperson who prospects and sells with integrity is one who does not make claims that are unsustainable.  They don’t talk about others in anything but a positive light, and most of all, they hold themselves to a higher standard.

When you present yourself with complete integrity in everything you do and say, it is amazing how you will attract prospects who have integrity.  Would you prefer to build a business around customers you can’t trust or would you prefer to build it around customers who have integrity?  The answer to that question is simple.

The reason you will attract customers who have integrity starts with your approach to analyzing prospects.  Keeping your integrity high means you won’t compromise your standards and, in particular, your ethics, and as a result you’ll spot ethically-challenged prospects and steer away from them.

Customers who are used to compromising on business standards or lack a moral compass will become exposed quickly.  Light exposes darkness. In much the same way, integrity exposes moral weakness.

You can’t afford to be spend any amount of time with people who don’t approach relationships with integrity.  Regardless of how much you feel you might need a particular deal to close, if the customer doesn’t exhibit integrity, you must run.

Compromising is not something you can do once and never again.  Compromise once and you’ll do it again and again. Integrity is not something you turn on or off. Doing so will only achieve one thing — ensuring you do not have any.

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