I’m fortunate to call Omaha home.  Warren Buffet is a fellow resident.  Known for his investment expertise, he is, according to several reports, the richest person in the US and probably the world.   What makes Warren so amazing is his patience in cultivating opportunities. 

This past Saturday at his annual shareholders meeting, he talked about his upcoming trip to Europe to seek out potential investments.  He made a comment that a key reason for his trip is to get the word out regarding what he looks for in making an investment.  I found that very interesting.  Here’s the richest guy around with a highly publicized business strategy saying he needs to get the word out.  Then it dawned on me that he’s really talking about networking to build relationships that will ultimately create business opportunities.  

If anyone thinks they don’t need to network, stop and reconsider why Warren Buffet is going on his trip to Europe.  Everyone in sales needs to network, no matter how big your current network is, no matter how well-known you believe your company’s reputation might be.  The need to network will never go away.  Ask yourself who you are planning to meet with this week that will help you strengthen your network.  Who can you meet with this week to help them build their network? 

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