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Driving revenue growth is never something we can forget about. The problem is too many times we get stuck in the same rut and then we wonder why we’re not having more growth.

Recently I was having breakfast with a  sharp business consultant/leader, and although the breakfast was not meant to be about business, that’s the subject we wound up talking about the most.

What we both found interesting is how much business is lost because the sales team gets in the way.  We chuckled, but then got very serious about the problem.

The problem is many times it’s not the fault of the front-line salesperson or even the first-level sales manager.  Many times the problem is a result of management/leadership further up the food-chain.

The more we talked, the more we came up with examples of situations we either saw or, in my case, even contributed to, with regard to seeing sales disappear.  The reason comes down to several things, but the biggest is mis-aligned priorities/objectives internally that result in a failure to connect properly with the customer.

I could go on for hours on this issue of sales leadership, but during the upcoming video conference on 6 Leadership Strategies to Drive Massive Revenue Growth, each of us will share what I’m calling, “10 minutes of raw meat” you can run with immediately.

The other five presenters are best-selling business book authors, global speakers and some of my smartest friends:

Jeb Blount
John Spence
Miles Austin
Anthony Iannarino
Mike Weinberg

For more about the webinar, click on the below video.  You won’t regret it!

I look forward to seeing you at 6 Leadership Strategies that Drive Massive Revenue Growth!


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