VIDEO SALES TIP: Walk Away From a Sale And You Might Boost Your Profits


Have you ever walked away from a sale because the customer demanded a discount?

Does that sound crazy?  It’s not.  Condition yourself to not give into demands for a discount.  Say no and walk away from that sale.  

What you will find is that often the customer will buy at full price when they realize you are not there to play games. Plus, over time, you will become more comfortable selling at full price and it will show in your profits.

Check out this video to see what I mean:

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1 thought on “VIDEO SALES TIP: Walk Away From a Sale And You Might Boost Your Profits”

  1. i feel strongly regarding your reputation & the ability to close deals w/o dropping your price . I also get sick when i hear these lost clients decided to go w/ the cheaper estimate , not knowing anything about the rep of who they hired . I also feel if your a sucsessful company , than why should drop your price & show any level of desporation , it shows that your weakness & also that your truly not confident in your ability to sell . If you deliver a strong presentation , & have the reputation to back it , than why allow the customer to control you ?

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