VIDEO SALES TIP: Number One Way to Avoid a Discount


Do you really believe you can’t sell without a discount?

I argue that if you are always defaulting to using a discount, then you are not really selling.  I hear from people all the time who ask me, “How do I sell without discounting?!”

You have to stop thinking that your customers are buying, when in reality they are investing!

Yes, they are investing in outcomes.  And the sooner you figure out what they desire, the better equipped you will be to NOT discount.

You sell outcomes; you don’t sell features. People invest because they want an outcome.

Check out the video to see what I mean:

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1 thought on “VIDEO SALES TIP: Number One Way to Avoid a Discount”

  1. Hi Mark and Team,
    I bought and read your book last year. You rock. I have a question. Our account base recently changed and an opportunity was given to me from a colleague who’d talked with the prospect about giving them a discount “no problem”. Long story short, i lost the sale. Which is “no problem”. However, yesterday i received an email from my colleague, passing a customer to me which he’d won last year (using the same discount strategy… he explained), and explained that sometimes a “discount” isn’t really a discount, even though there is the possibility of it being a discount. What do you think about such cases?

    We sell software, and here is the scenario (“seat” is a placeholder for a key element of our pricing structure) : in effect when he senses that a prospect has “fear” that they will need 4 seats, he sells them “4 seats” for the price of 2. His argument is that often, when he looks at the usage reports at the end of the year, they only used 2. Our competitor’s pricing structure does not have a seat limit. He sent me an email, to let me know i might want to reconsider giving discounts, if you are interested.

    Thank you for your response!


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