Want to know a secret about LinkedIn?

If you aren’t using it to connect with senior level people, you are missing out.

(And obviously if you think senior level people aren’t even on Linkedin, you need to think again!)

Over the last year, the number of senior level people who have begun using LinkedIn is amazing.  I’ve been watching this trend closely, as I tend to be fairly heavy user of LinkedIn.

Here are a few things to keep in mind regarding using LinkedIn as a tool to reach senior level people:

Senior level people will follow you long before they will let you know they’ve been following you.   Keep in mind these people are busy and they don’t want to be bothered.

What this means is they many times will troll various discussion boards on groups looking at comments and even looking at profiles.  Even more important is to know they’re most likely to do this on the weekend and during holiday periods when they have more time.

You need to participate in groups where senior level people are going to go themselves.  Don’t waste your time joining groups made up of your peers.

Go where the fish are. Join groups where your customers are going to be.

Contribute to these groups with strategic questions and strategic comments.  Remember that people at the top of the food chain think strategically.   Key, however, is to keep your answers tight. Don’t ramble, because senior level people don’t ramble and they like to associate with people like them.

Be sure to also keep your profile current and open for others to view. Senior level people will many times keep their profile low-key and not viewable.  This, however, does not apply to you, so make your profile as robust as possible.

Finally, don’t nag people on LinkedIn. Just because someone makes a comment on something you wrote doesn’t mean you should suddenly think you’re their best friend and strategic consultant for life.  Think of it as a fine wine that must age.  I’ve had many a conversation with senior level people who have said they’ve been following me on LinkedIn for some time before making contact.

Let things develop over time.

This of course means you have to be consistent. Allocating just 15 minutes per day or an hour per week is all that is needed to begin developing the type of footprint on LinkedIn that senior level people will notice.

With the holidays fast approaching, now is the time to make it happen on LinkedIn.

Senior level people will be spending time on it and you want to make sure you’re one of the people they notice.

And by the way, if you and I haven’t connected on LinkedIn, head on over to my profile so we can get connected!

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