Recently, I was with some people who refused to believe I was in sales.  They thought, “How could somebody like him be a salesperson?”

The small group said I was too nice and too thoughtful to be a salesperson.  When I asked them why they thought that way, their response was uniform. Their view of a salesperson was somebody who takes advantage of others.

You can imagine the engaging conversation I had with these people about how I viewed the sales profession, and I think I was successful in turning their opinions around about salespeople.   After our conversation was over and we had all gone our separate ways, I couldn’t help but wonder about the millions of others who share the same feeling about salespeople as these people did.

Is sales and, in particular, sales leadership evolving?  I think so! No, I don’t have data points I can share to indicate it is evolving, but I can take confidence in doing what I can.

Each day I make it my objective to impact others positively.  Will you join me in this task?  Will you each day strive to be seen as a stronger more impactful sales leader regardless of the position you hold?

Titles don’t mean a thing when it comes to being seen as a sales leader. Being seen as a sales leader is a personal decision you make. It’s a decision you make to impact and influence others.

As a total optimist, I’m sold on the belief if we all make it our mission to up our sales leadership game each day, we will make a significant difference in the continuing evolution of sales leadership.

What will the outcome be if we’re successful? It’s quite simple — we will have helped many more people be able to see and achieve what they didn’t think was possible.

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