Listening to the media and politicians earlier this week, we were lead to believe the most significant, epic, historical, record shattering, etc., storm was about to end the world as we know it.

NYC subway was shut down — something that had never occurred before.

In the end, it wasn’t even a “big storm,” let alone and “epic storm.”  I get it —  it’s much easier to be a weather forecaster after the event than before it, but here’s my take away…

The downside will never be as severe as we might think and yes, the upside will never be as big as we think either.  In the end, everything works out and we are really quite capable of figuring things out if left to our own accord.



Think about this from the perspective of your job.

How many times have you stewed over something significant only to find out it’s not a big issue? I can’t begin to tell you the amount of time I’ve spent over the years worrying about things I never needed to be worried about.

I’m not saying there’s no need to be prepared — that’s a given.  What I am saying is the best way for us to proceed in our job is to do what is prudent and not get caught up in fringe ideas.

Think about the blizzard that didn’t happen this week in NYC.  If you had fallen victim to the fringe thinking, you would have spent minimally a full day preparing for the storm, a day being “in” the storm, and a day getting back to normal.  Total time: 3 days of lost productivity.

Conversely, if you had chosen to ignore the fringe thinking, you would have at best lost part of one day due to the “storm.”

If you’re wondering where I’m coming from, let me explain.  The best approach is a balanced approach where you take control of your situation, rather than falling victim to allowing others  control it.

It’s your business. It’s your life. It’s your level of accomplishment, and the best person to know what’s best is you.

Let’s all make 2015 a huge success. There are far too many opportunities out there just waiting for us to seize on them.

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